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My Outrage Is Volcanic II

17 Dead in School Shooting 14 February 2018

A man on the Facebook post said to another person:

“I do not want a debate, simply because it’s obvious we have different views. I agree somewhat stronger gun laws. If you’ve been on anti depressants in the last year I don’t think you should be able to go out and buy and fire arm as easy however we both know if you wanna commit a act of violence you don’t have to use a firearm. If he had a knife in a unarmed school at least one if now two people would have lost their life’s. My view is simply this stop taking ever damn thing away that one could possibly defend them self’s with away.”

You should want the debate, precisely because someone else holds a different point of view. You should want the debate because children are dying in droves in American schools because there is no proper gun reform.

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