The Story of Big Eyes

To understand why this GoFundMe has been created for Big Eyes, her story is best told through selected tweets on Patrick Skinner’s Twitter account.

But, first, a little background.

On September 22, 2020, a malnourished kitten named Big Eyes joined Skinnerville, the home of Theresa and Patrick Skinner in Savannah, GA. The Skinnerville family includes three rescue dogs, SweetPotato Pie Pup, The Baked Potato (aka Bakey), and SweetDog; History’s Greatest Monster, MeanCat; and two recently adopted orange kittens, Lady Orangey and Extra Orangey, also known as the Orangey Agitators or Invaders.

Big Eyes didn’t know it yet but she was about to join one of the greatest families of love.

As the general election grew closer, the ongoing story of Big Eyes–along with her furry companions, the Baked Potato, who had fallen head over tail in love with her, Sweet Dog, the sweetest dog in the world, the Orangeys who had taken her in as an honorary Invader, and MeanCat, the world’s greatest monster–provided laughter and hope and love, and a respite from the daily onslaught of division and hatred and cries of fraud beyond the home and neighborhood of Skinnerville.

Patrick’s Twitter account is followed by thousands who have loved MeanCat and the pups for years and now follow Big Eyes’ and the Orangeys’ feats of daring-do.

The Story of Big Eyes by Patrick Skinner

27 September 2020
Theresa is fostering for two weeks (AND IT BETTER BE TWO WEEKS) a skinny but lovey kitty that a neighbor found yesterday. Theresa says this is the sweetest kitty she’s ever seen. All she wants is rubs and kisses. She calls her Big Eyes. I want to be mad but the kitty needs help.

14 Otober 2020
We are in bad times. No denying it. So here’s Big Eyes happy and healthy in Skinnerville. It ain’t everything but it is to her.

7 November 2020
Side note. It’s still insane that Big Eyes is here forever. Neighbors found her super skinny on a walk. We gave her shelter in kitty cottage. Then the day the foster vet came to take her away for an uncertain foster journey, Theresa called an audible and said we’re keeping her.

All seemed well for Big Eyes, a bright future, a loving home, friends with the Orangeys, an adoring Baked Potato, movies with Patrick, rubs and kisses with Theresa, but then, just before Christmas, things took an unforeseen turn.

16 December 2020
So Theresa took Big Eyes to the vet again. She’s been limping and kinda falling over a bit. So….she has two intermittent knee dislocations. Cuz she was super malnourished she didn’t grow properly. Keeps popping in and out. Vet says she will grow out of it. And pain meds. Ugh. … But overall she’s healthy and will be ok.

Following several consultations with the vet and two specialists:

12 January 2021
Big Eyes is having surgery today on one of her bad knees. Will come home in a few days and then it looks like 6 weeks or so in KITMO, which previously housed the world’s most dangerous detainee, MeanCat. Good thoughts for Big Eyes.

13 January 2021
Big Eyes is home. And I can already tell she’s gonna be a terrible detainee. Crying. Trying to get the invading orangeys to spring her. This is awful. Luckily it will be over in, let me check my notes….two months. And the sign stating no unauthorized orangeys isn’t working!!

16 January 2021
Noticed the door to KITMO was ajar again. And again it’s The Orangeys trying to break out Big Eyes and cause an insurrection. The sign clearly says ‘no unauthorized orangeys’ and yet they persist.

Look. I know right now the nights are dark and full of terrors but The Baked Potato has such a purely sweet crush on Big Eyes. Good lord she loves him, too.

The story of Big Eyes, and the residents of Skinnerville, have touched so many of us in these difficult times. As Patrick said shortly after Big Eyes arrived: “We are in bad times. No denying it. So here’s Big Eyes happy and healthy in Skinnerville. It ain’t everything but it is to her.”

The Baked Potato, the Orangeys, Theresa and Patrick, and the rest of the Skinnerville family are everything to Big Eyes.

Each time Patrick’s followers on Twitter have offered to set up a fundraiser for Big Eyes’ surgery, he’s said there are human neighbors who need our help first. Sometimes we can take care of our human neighbors and still have a little left for an animal in need.

There’ll be surgery again in a few months on Big Eyes’ second knee. All surgeries are expensive.

We cannot save the world on our own but we can join those who open their homes and hearts to help those in need and ask others to join us.

No contribution is too small. Thank you.

NB: At this time the fundraiser is deactivated until we hear back from the Skinners that it’s acceptable to continue. But the story of Big Eyes, and the beauty, goodness, truth she stands for is worth sharing and holding close to our hearts as inspiration of how things can be.

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