My Outrage Is Volcanic II

17 Dead in School Shooting 14 February 2018

A man on the Facebook post said to another person:

“I do not want a debate, simply because it’s obvious we have different views. I agree somewhat stronger gun laws. If you’ve been on anti depressants in the last year I don’t think you should be able to go out and buy and fire arm as easy however we both know if you wanna commit a act of violence you don’t have to use a firearm. If he had a knife in a unarmed school at least one if now two people would have lost their life’s. My view is simply this stop taking ever damn thing away that one could possibly defend them self’s with away.”

You should want the debate, precisely because someone else holds a different point of view. You should want the debate because children are dying in droves in American schools because there is no proper gun reform.

In reply to my friend’s post he began: “Ever stop to think….. why are banks not being robbed? Is it because they are protected by a security guard who is armed? What would happen if you gave teachers and students over the age of 18 the right to carry a self defense tool. Firearm pocket knife ext ext. I would put money if you did, 75% of these self entitled pussies would think twice about doing something like this..”

You are incorrect in your confidence that there are no bank robberies because security guards have guns. There were 4,185 bank robberies between 1 January and 31 December 2016. This year, barely two months old, the FBI has put out the following press releases reporting bank robberies and robbery related news: Bank Robbery News released by the FBI

And to someone else he said:  “It only takes one with a firearm to disarm another person with a fire arm. When females go on walks in the park they carry pepper spray for protection but if you send you child to school with it on their key ring they are expelled. School have become a easy target cause not a single person can protect them self. If school were like a court house do you still think we would be in this situation?”

The argument that a teacher with a gun would be able to prevent a gunman from unloading many rounds of bullets on his or her students is as absurd as it is impractical.

You assume that if someone has a gun they’re going to be a marksman. But that is simply not true. A teacher who has to carry a gun into the classroom will have to learn how to effectively stop, if not actually kill, someone with an automatic assault weapon who bursts into their classroom before the gunman can pull the trigger on their automatic weapon.

You assume that teachers are training to teach because they want to become security guards. Also not true.

Keep thinking that way and soon no one who can actually teach–no one who has the gift of being able to guide a child’s mind and heart and soul to think independently, can inspire that child to become a powerful innovator in the world in order to make the world a better place–will sign up to teach.

America will become a ghetto. America already ranks well below every other civilised and developed country in the world in education. It does, however, rank very high in incarcerations. And school shootings.

You should want the debate because I know you have never seen a security guard in a bank wielding an automatic assault weapon. I know this because I’ve been living in America for 36 years and I go to my bank quite regularly.

You should want the debate because no child should ever have to go to school so afraid for their life that mum or dad had to attach a pepper spray unit to their child’s key ring. I’m betting that not one child murdered at Sandy Hook had a key ring on which someone could have attached a pepper spray unit because they were collected from school every day. They didn’t need a key to get into their house, someone was there to let them in. That someone is now living in a state of devastation, and will live in that state for the rest of their lives. I know this because I support the Sandy Hook Promise. You should check it out. I can assure you they’re not promoting the attachment of pepper spray to a child’s key ring or guns for teachers in the classroom.

You should want the debate.

We all should.

If we want our children to live.


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