The Little White Horse

Someone in a closed writers group I belong to on Facebook asked the group: Is there one particular book from your childhood that provided comfort and/or strength to you at a time when you needed it? A book that, to this day, stirs up those old feelings and takes you back to that child you once were?

My book is The Little White Horse, by Elizabeth Goudge. I’m making an entry here about this book because I want to read it again for this course. I love all of it; even the noticeable Christian overtones that were not as obvious to me when I first read it as a child. I can still picture the book on my bookshelf. I received a copy when I was about nine and for some reason found the first page daunting, so I put it back on the shelf. Then about a year later it caught my attention and I read it in one sitting.

I love Maria Merryweather. She’s smart, has courage, is loyal, and has a King Charles spaniel called Wiggins. I also fell in love with Loveday Minette and wished my parents had given me such a wonderful name. Or, better, that Loveday could have been my surrogate mother.

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